Six Eco-Friendly Ideas on How to Pack Your Products

Nowadays most of the consumers are becoming environment conscious and therefore demand for sustainable and eco-friendly items is increasing day by day.

Due to this reason, you will find interesting ideas on custom boxes and other packaging materials. In this post, therefore we are providing few ideas for developing eco-friendly packaging for your products.

  • Optimized use of materials

When we talk about optimized material usage, we mean product to package ratio which must be such that the volume and mass of packaging material must be just sufficient for the product.

There is necessary software available for designing the product package, so that even the shape of product happens to be an odd size yet an optimized packaging can be designed.

  • Use materials which are biodegradable and also recyclable

Most of the packing materials are paperboard, cardboard or plastic can, which may be easily recycled. There are many different sources of obtaining such biodegradable materials.

Following are few types of materials that are considered to be a biodegradable as well as recyclable.

  • Corn starch
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Biodegradable plastic
  • Bubble wrap
  • Use unique and innovative materials

If it is important to print on your packaging then prefer to use such inks that are made from either food or milk protein instead of any chemicals which are harmful to environment.

Using such unique materials which are biodegradable in nature so that they do not create any negative impact on our environment.

  • Reduced use of energy

By using plastic packaging, you can help the sustainability. Firstly, it will take only less energy for manufacturing plastic as compared to aluminum, glass or steel. Secondly, plastic being a lightweight the overall weight of the package will not increase.

By choosing aluminum, steel or glass you will increase energy for their manufacturing. Also, by using lighter packaging will need less fuel for shipping too, which will save energy.

  • Minimalist packaging

There is no use of having a very big package for a small product. It will be not only waste of material but space too. Therefore, create a custom package which is compatible with the dimensions of your product so that you can save packaging material.

  • Increased reuse and reduced spoilage

Select certain packaging item e.g. poly bags which can always be reused instead of throwing them away. Reuse of packaging material will also help in having sustainable packaging.

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