What are the benefits of using professional landscapers?

There is a myriad of ways in which the benefits of using professional landscape services can be seen. Whether using hard or soft landscaping, a skilled designer will create a cohesive and wholly welcoming exterior to any commercial or private property; explore Idverde.


Hiring a professional landscaper means investing in a knowledge-base and skillset that will create the perfect environment for plants and lawns to flourish, thus boosting a property’s appeal, which is important if the property must adhere to the visual standards of property management, or if it is trying to create a favourable first impression for a prospective buyer. Knowing which plants will thrive in a specific climate can also mean the difference between a blossoming garden or an arid, brown wasteland. The installation of trees and larger shrubs can create a sense of height and give a further sense of structure, while certain herbaceous plants can produce a sense of flow around a garden. An experienced landscaper knows which trees and shrubs complement each other the best and suit the conditions in a specific garden or parkland, and will consider soil PH, soil structure, aspect, and drainage.

Health and Social Reasons

Professional landscaping can create a healthier environment by filtering out pollutants and providing cleaner air. A beautiful garden can be enjoyed by everyone, and research has shown that time spent in the outdoors will reduce stress levels, which is an important mental health benefit. The tall trees mentioned earlier can also provide a degree of privacy in dense urban areas, and so will enhance liveability in such zones. Another social benefit is that landscaping can reduce local noise reduction, offering an attractive space for both entertaining and dining outdoors, whether at home, or in places such as restaurants and cafes.


A landscaped garden boosts a property’s value and reduces the time it spends on the market. Also, using a professional landscaper allows a business to budget for scheduled visits rather than investing time and money in self-maintenance and landscaping that may be ineffective. Furthermore, a professional landscaper provides their own tools, saving the consumer from purchasing equipment and upgrading or replacing it. This is a trap a property seller may fall into – attempting to landscape a garden themselves. The results are frequently obvious to buyers, while also risking the value of the property. Therefore, soft landscaping is a cost-effective way to transform a garden without the expense of major landscaping.

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